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Herman Landscape provides a wide range of services covering all basic areas of landscaping primarily serving western Dane county. Whether you are a homeowner or a local business, we have the creativity, the skills and the know-how to get your job done.


We are a design/build company, and take pride in both aspects of that designation. Our services range from free consultation through customized design and planning to all the aspects of implementation, including construction of retaining walls and paving, grading, layout, planting, edging, mulching, lawn installation, and more. We are also experienced in the installation of shoreline protection.


Most contacts begin with a no-cost estimate or one hour consultation. For simple jobs, including many small planting jobs, removal of existing materials, or drainage issues, an on-site visit from one of our experienced estimators may be all that is required.

For more involved projects, an experienced designer will meet with you for up to one hour at no charge. During this time they will listen to your concerns and may exchange ideas with you, propose new ideas based on what they see, identify other potential areas of concern, and generate rough sketches and/or estimates for potential projects. If at that point you choose to pursue your options with Herman Landscape, we will work with you to develop a plan suited to your needs. In all but the simplest scenarios, this will involve a nominal fee, the cost of which will be deductible from any further work for which you contract with Herman’s.


We at Herman Landscape Service consider you and your home or property as an individual and unique challenge. You will never be given a cookie-cutter plan here. The needs of you and your family, your ability for upkeep and your long-range goals are all taken into account. Our creative designers are prepared to share with you their professional insights and suggestions while respecting your budget. From drainage correction through simple planting to a revamp of your entire outdoor living space, Herman Landscape Service can help you make your property the statement you’ve always imagined.

We delight in sharing the enthusiasm of our many satisfied customers and can provide references upon request.


Our company began with the planting of nursery stock and still, overĀ 70 years later, this continues to be a large part of what we do. Combined with professional, site-specific installation, furnishing top-quality locally grown plant material remains the bedrock of our business. Our trained and reliable crews are experienced in the handling of large trees and the proper methods for installation of trees, shrubs and perennials. In addition, we are able to offer many choices in auxiliary landscape elements, such as natural stone accents, a wide variety of edge treatments, various organic and inorganic mulches, etc. Removal of existing plant materials, pruning, bed preparation and herbicide application are just some of the other services we are qualified to provide.

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All of our staff are very aware of the importance of correct drainage. Planting beds are always finished to have a positive drainage away from buildings. We have in the past implemented numerous methods for rainwater control, including re-routing and burying of downspouts and installation of rain barrels and rain gardens.

Fine grading of large lawn areas is also a specialty at Herman Landscape, since we employ several machine operators with decades of experience. Very sizable areas for turf can be installed with either fresh sod or lawn seed more quickly than you might imagine. We also install smaller turf areas and perform lawn repair.


Herman Landscape has been constructing retaining walls for over forty years. Today more than ever, new homes and even business sites are being built that require significant control of grades and soil retention. Most often the materials of choice are native fieldstone boulders or blocks of quarried limestone. More recently, segmented retaining walls of concrete blocks have become popular. In some cases, dry-laid stone walls or walls of landscape timbers may be appropriate choices. Our crews have worked extensively with all these materials. With Herman Landscape as your installer, you are assured that these critical structures will be built to last.

An even more technically-demanding area of construction may be paved surfaces. Herman Landscape Service is one of the Madison area’s leading and most respected installers of brick paving. We are proud to say that we have been designated as an authorized contractor for Unilock products, the top name in concrete pavers, recognizing our exceptional expertise, service, and guarantee. We place tremendous importance on paving here at Herman’s and maintain at least one entire crew that does only brick work. This dedication of resources has created a core group of craftsmen with the technical skills, problem solving capability and aesthetic sense to translate thin lines on paper into a three-dimensional molding of your unique and stylish outdoor environment.

Our designers are well-acquainted with both the limitations and opportunities of many paver styles, be they traditional, contemporary or faux-stone. We also work in paving of natural stone and clay. In a patio, for instance, many techniques may be used to form the spaces of your outdoor room, including stoops and steps, changes in patio level, retaining walls, free-standing walls and columns. As well as patios, Herman Landscape installs many walkways and even driveways in pavers. We can suggest to you numerous options for crafting of a distinctive front entry. Another option generating much interest among those wishing to go more ‘green’ is the use of permeable pavers, allowing the infiltration and absorption of surface water on site. Again, Herman Landscape has installed several fine examples of this application.


The Madison area is blessed with the presence of numerous natural bodies of water. Many of our finest homes are located on lakes or rivers. Quite understandably, homeowners in these locations have unique criteria for protection of their water-adjacent property, wishing to preserve views and water access while complying with the regulations of several local governmental bodies who need to preserve the quality and integrity of these beautiful but public spaces. Herman Landscape has been a part of the management of such sites for many years and has seen a lot of changes in both attitudes and regulation. We continue to stay abreast of current requirements and permitting procedures. You may feel confident that our continuous involvement in the protection of these great irreplaceable natural resources will be put to work to the benefit of both you and our environment.

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